Increase Revenue, Streamline Sales, Improve Customer Satisfaction

iCube POS for fashion retail is tailored to meet your custom needs and enhance your customer’s shopping experience, while increasing your bottom line

Benefits of iCube Fashion Store Software

Seamless Returns Management

iCube POS simplifies the returns process, making it easy to manage returns, exchanges, and refunds, while maintaining accurate inventory and customer data

Retail Forecasting

Benefit from our advanced data analytics to accurately forecast future sales trends, make informed business decisions

Easily Manage Multi-store

Manage multiple stores centrally, including inventory, sales, and customer data

Customizable Size and Color Matrix

Efficiently manage your inventory and track availability of specific sizes and colors

Integrated CRM to Build Customer Loyalty

Our built-in CRM system enables you to keep track of your customers’ purchase history and preferences, and send targeted promotions and discounts

Real-time Inventory Tracking and Reporting

Monitor inventory in real-time, receive low stock level alerts, and generate reports at a click

Our Solution is suitable for

Fashion Stores

Boutique Stores

Sportswear Stores

Fashion Chain Stores



iCube POS offers features specifically designed for the fashion industry, such as size and colour matrix management, style-wise billing, and item classification for easy inventory management. Additionally, it provides real-time reporting and analysis to help you stay on top of your sales and inventory 

Yes, iCube POS allows easy multi-store management, enabling fashion retailers to oversee inventory levels, sales, and customer data across multiple locations. 

iCube POS offers a streamlined returns management process, allowing fashion retailers to quickly and easily process returns and exchanges while keeping track of inventory levels and customer purchase history. 

iCube POS provides real-time data on sales and inventory, allowing fashion retailers to make informed decisions about purchasing, stocking, and sales strategies. This information can be used for forecasting and planning to ensure the right products are in stock at the right

Yes, iCube’s CRM and loyalty management features allow you to track customer data, preferences, and purchase history, as well as set up and manage loyalty programs and rewards.

iCube is designed to be user-friendly and easy to set up, with intuitive interfaces and step-by-step guides. Our customer support team is also available to provide assistance and answer any questions you may have.